How to Help Christian Biker Woman Be a Good Passenger

how-to-help-christian-biker-womenChristian biker women learn how to ride a motorcycle is tricky, but how to ride as a good passenger is more harder, especially no any riding experince.  So if you happen to date with a christian motorcycle woman that she has never ridden on the back of a motorcycle before, you should spend some time teaching her about the do’s and don’ts before she climb on the back of your motorcycle. and you can also share your years of riding  experince and  unique lifestyle. This is a good way to arouse her motorcycle passion and give her more confidence.

Motorcycle woman’s first ride as a passenger are excited, worried and scared. It means  the the potential danger invoved, so you must teach her about everything. For exmaple how to get off, sit on, and  what to do when you corner, brake and stop, and how to communicate with you, like “stop,” “slow down”. In a word, to display your concern to her safty and enjoyment of the ride. It can help her overcome fear and get enough confidence.

It doesn’t matter you ride own motorcycle or as a passenger, you have at least a perfect suit of gear. It can help you reduce the injure on the ride and feel comfortable.  So you should teach your biker woman buy a suit of gear she need. such as  Leather jacket, jeans, boots, helmet, gloves and sunglasses. and tell her how to protect gear and use it properly on the ride.

Next, you should teach her how to get along with a motorcycle. For exmaple, telling here not to put her feet on the ground until you tell her ok, don’t move her body around when you’re ready to stop, warn her about any hot parts to avoid touching,  such as the exhaust system. and  how use your shoulders or arms to keep balance. In a word,  to ensure your  Christian biker girl knows the passenger rules and how to use it. I belive she would get used to it, get used to it and love it after you take off on the motorcycle and go slow on the open road.

Actually,  we see Christian biker women as a passenger ride hard, play hard, love hard, and pray hard. No one can stop thier passion to explore the open road since God want to share with them. Let’s pray traveling grace and mercies for Single Christian Bikers on the road.



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